Barn Building

Building in progress

April 1, 2010 we broke ground on a barn at Circle Arrow Trail.  It has been a very wet spring and getting the ground work done has been a challenge. Once the pad was done and drainage was cut the building could begin.  Rain all through April/May posed challenges.  The trusses were almost 2 weeks later that expected. So walls went up and had to be supported from the inside with braces.  Luckey the wind was never strong enough to be a problem.  With trusses up the roof went on. More waiting as the hardware for the doors was backordered.  More rain & more waiting.  We left mid May for our sons wedding still waiting. Then our trip to Europe was here and my parents came to “horse sit”. Rain Rain and more Rain.  So we left with mud inside and outside.  The barn was not usable yet. Thanks to years of farming and ranching my parents managed anyway.  So on June 26 we fed in the barn for the first time.  On Monday June 27 the limestone screening floor was compleated and move in could begin.

We still need gutters, water, electricity & some concrete but that will all come in time.  It looks like water maybe in the next 2 weeks.

Currently the horses can come and go to get out of the heat, weather or flies.  They are learning which stall is theirs for feeding time and seem to feel comfortable in their new digs.  I have even had an evening or two to just sit on the cowboy porch and enjoy a cool breeze and watch my horses.

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